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The Next Generation of Martial Arts is here! Master Hung Tran shows you how to incorporate authentic Muay Thai into your curriculum offering to add a new dimension to your program. This style is designed for EVERYONE to participate and enjoy the benefits of traditional Muay Thai.

Safe, powerful and effective, your students will love this program so much they will bring their friends and family to join. This curriculum has been developed and tested in the classroom with students of all ages and abilities. The time is now to capitalize on the trends that are revolutionizing the martial arts business. Get the word out - EVERYONE can do it!

Authentic Muay Thai training is not just for elite level fighters in dingy gyms
any more. Millions of people are being exposed to martial arts and they want to try it - now they can and YOU can help them fulfill their dreams. Empower your students to be successful. Show them the power of REAL Muay Thai through a safe, healthy system that emphasizes fitness, respect and self development with IMMEDIATE results. Kids and Adults alike LOVE this program because they GET INTO THE ACTION right from the start.

You will have more new students and more retention than ever before. Master Tran takes you through his breakthrough curriculum step by step so you can put it to work for you immediately. Each section is explained and organized so it's easy for instructors at any level to implement right away.

Muay Thai Pad Training is an art unto itself. Muay Thai is a demanding style which requires training at a high level, often for hours a day. Since fighters cannot spar at full intensity without getting injured, the art of Pad Training has evolved in order to allow the fighters to train at a pace and power level that would simulate an actual fight, without the high risk of injury. However, even pad training done incorrectly can be dangerous and lead to injury. Keeping students and pad holders safe and injury free is critical to the success of fighters who train extremely hard in preparation for a match.
Muay Thai Pad Training has evolved over many years. In fact, the techniques of many Master Trainers are secrets that are as closely guarded as the techniques of the martial art!
Now Master H.D.Tran shows you how to correctly use the techniques of pad training. Students of all levels from beginners to pro fighters and trainers will benefit from this highly detailed instructional DVD.

• Teaches trainers how to be active partners and provide feedback and  
• Beginning to Advanced Technique Levels
• Training Intensity Levels 1 - 3
• For trainers and fighters/students of all abilities
• Awesome cardio, power and agility workout
• Great for self defense

Tran'S Muay Thai Association


Tran's Muay Thai Curriculum Level 1
Level 1 DVD

Tran's Muay Thai Curriculum Level 2
Level 2 DVD

Tran's Muay Thai Curriculum Level 3
Level 3

Tran's Muay Thai Pad Training
Muay Thai Pad Training





Grandmaster Toddy - Trainer of World Champions, Master Toddy's International Muay Thai Academy:
“I am totally impressed and beyond satisfied with Kru Hung Tran's Muay Thai Training system DVD. It as good as my class here right now. As a Grand Master I recommend Master Tran's DVD for your step by step training system. Good explanation, nice and clear, Well done Master Hung Tran."

Master Toddy
Kyoshi Steve LaVallee

Kyoshi Steve LaVallee - CEO / President Martial Arts University International:
"Master Tran has put together a cutting edge Muay Thai Curriculum that is broken down into a step by step Belt Level format that can be used in any professional Martial Arts school. Whether you want to use it as a supplemental program, or as your primary curriculum...this series can help you implement Muay Thai into your school."

Paul Reavlin - Owner Revgear Martial Arts:
“I have worked with Master Tran for many years. I have found everything he works on to be of the highest quality and done with the highest levels of professionalism. This DVD set will enable you to quickly and easily start making money with your Muay Thai program.”

Assistant Professor Garland R. Johnson - Universal Kempo-Karate Schools Association:
"I have seen many training videos in my time studying the martial arts. However, I must say this is by far one of the best explanations and demonstrations of technique, power and passion on the Martial Arts System of Muay Thai. You can tell Master Hung Tran has done his homework and is not only a great student; he is also an outstanding instructor. He is very detailed and complete in his explanation and teaching of the beautiful and powerful martial art known as Muay Thai. Master Tran is a true 21st Century Leader in our Martial Arts Field. This Muay Thai Training DVD is an absolutely must for anyone serious about expanding the knowledge, technique, power and passion in the Martial Arts. Job "Well Done" Master Tran. Keep up your outstanding work, Sir."

Julio Anta - Anta's Fitness and Self Defense:
"I just purchased your beginners DVD. Congratulations on an awesome and informative DVD. I'm very impressed with the quality, structure, and simplicity of the DVD. It was way more than I expected. I started implenting some of it in my classes and will start a Muay Thai rotation for my Black Belt Club in the near future. I'm looking forward to the manual."

Master Kennedy - Kennedy's Institute of Martial Arts:
"You have completed outstanding DVD for everyone to follow and either use as an upgrade program or an implementation to thier current program. I can't wait to see the workbook and the other DVDs. Please let me know when the other DVDs are out."

Shidoshi Louis Hurtado - V.I.P. Black Belt Champions Training Center:
"Just want to commend Master Tran on his step by step instructional Muay Thai dvd. Not only did I acquire the dvd approximately 2 months ago but had the privilege of having Master Tran at my dojo to explain and demonstrate the techniques contained in the dvd. If anyone ever ponders having a guest instructor, he is awesome! Since adding Master Tran's Muay Thai system into our program we have gained numerous new adult members and the existing members are ecstatic about the implementation of Muay Thai into their training regiment. Its been a win-win investment.."

Ron Sell - Master Ron Sell's Black Belt Academy:
"Your Muay Thai DVDs are awesome and I recommend them to all School Owners. They have helped us add more to our adult and kids programs. Thank you sir!"

Freddie Cowns - Program Director, Hwang's Martial Arts:
"Sawasdee Krup Master Tran, I am excited to report that with the implementation of the Thai Kickboxing and Muay Thai curriculum we are going to need more space and we are currently negotiating adding another 2500 square feet! Tran's Muay Thai DVD's have launched us beyond expectation on our road to success not only as a Martial Arts Business, but it challenges us to be at our personal best. We are looking forward to becoming an integral part of Tran's Muay Thai Association here in Texas and hosting Master Tran for a Seminar soon. Anyone interested in attending may contact us at http://www.hwangmartialarts.com/."

Kru Shannon Albracht - Traditional Martial Arts Academy, Tracy CA:
"Master Tran has done it right! This set of DVD's is the real deal when it comes to "how to design a Mauy Thai curriculum". Whether you are new to Mauy Thai or a seasoned veteran of the ring, you will gain from Master Trans insight and attention to detail. The DVD's are high quality, well thought out and designed to make your school and your students more successful."

Master Michael Pam - Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions:
"My congratulations on a fantastic program. Every technique, combination and drill is easy to follow in a concise step by step manner. There is no other program that is as easy to implement as this one. The attention to detail is amazing. One key factor that stands out than in any other series is your concern for the safety of the student and pad holder/coach/instructor. Also, your availability and willingness to answer questions and help along the way is second to none. This program can easily be added to any Martial Arts school as a stand alone program, an upgrade program or even as part of an exisiting program. Your commitment to spreading Muay Thai in a structured system is outstanding. Without a doubt your Muay Thai system will boost student and instructor motivation, student retention and the bottom line to any serious Martial Arts Training Center."

Renshi Enzo Aliotta - Senior Instructor, United Studios Martial Arts Academy:
"I just wanted to take a moment and say WOW! I have purchased your DVD's when they first came out and was totally blown away with the content and amount of knowledge that you have on them. It was really impressive to see that you have created a curriculum which is rarely seen in Muay Thai. After recently attending your Muay Thai seminar in New York, I have to compliment you on your professionalism in presenting the material and how well you perform your Muat Thai techniques. I am looking forward to my Muay Thau study with you and wish you the best of success in spreading Muay Thai throughout the world."

Eddie Diaz - Diaz Martial Arts:
"Iíve been a student of the martial arts for over 20 years and have been a school owner since 1998. Being a student first and foremost Iím always on the prowl for training that improves my skills and the skills of my students. With all the information that is available today, seldom will you find a curriculum that is fun, structured, and practical to implement to multiple skill levels and age groups. Master Tranís Muay Thai curriculum happens to be that exceptional program.
Master Tranís Black Belt Muay Thai Curriculum is an amazing program that is easy to follow. Iíve found the instruction in his DVDís to be thorough and structured with a progression of skill level from white belt to black belt that is easy to implement into my existing curriculum. He shows martial artists to be more finely tuned technicians with an emphasis on safety while training. I highly recommend Master Tranís program either in addition to whatever style of martial arts you teach or as a standalone curriculum. It will help compliment what you already know so you can grow!"

Would you like to grow your membership with a PROVEN system that's guaranteed to increase student interest?
Our system has been tested and proven successful in the classroom. Students love it and you will too!

Do you want a program that's simple, easy to learn and can be put to work immediately?
Even if you or your instructors have little or no experience with authentic Muay Thai,
this system is for you.

Are you looking to increase revenues and become more profitable?
Reduce your student to teacher ratio. Teach more efficiently. Keep students motivated and injury free. Add apparel and equipment to your pro shop.

Do you want to separate yourself in a crowded market?
This is a brand new first ever system. Authentic Muay Thai training is not just for elite level fighters in dingy gyms any more. Be a trend setter!

Would you like to have a consultant to work with who can show you how to do it?
Tran's Kickboxing systems give you a roadmap to help you become successful.

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